1. When will my RCI membership be activated and ready to use?

This usually takes 4-8 weeks. You will receive an RCI member ID card in the mail with your name and ID number on it. With this ID number you will have access to the RCI website (www.rci.com) After registering on the RCI site you can begin booking your vacations right on line. You can also call a Vacation Counsellor directly if you prefer, at the RCI headquarters at  1-877-968-7476 to make reservations.

2. How many locations does RCI offer Elkhorn owners and in how many countries around the world?

The world is your oyster!! RCI is the largest exchange company in the world and continues to grow with over 6,000 resorts in over 130 countries around the globe.

3.  What can I do with my Points?

Your Points provide you with amazing flexibility. Use them worldwide for accommodations, airline tickets, cruises, car rentals and for many other exciting options in the travel industry etc...

4. How do I make an RCI reservation?

Once you have your RCI ID number you can sign in and register on the RCI website (www.rci.com) to make reservations or call RCI directly at 1-877-968-7476. If you have any questions prior to making your reservation, please don’t hesitate to call us at the Elkhorn Owner Services dept. at 1-888-462-8785.

5. How can I change or cancel a reservation? 

You can make changes or cancel your reservation with RCI by calling 1-877-968-7476.

RCI Points Cancellation Policy 
The cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Grace Period (within one business day after the transaction) - 100% restoration of Points and refund of Transaction Fee
  • 120 or more days prior to the check-in date - 100% restoration of Points and loss of transaction fee
  • 61 to 119 days prior to the check-in date - 75% restoration of Points and loss of transaction fee
  • 30 to 60 days prior to the check-in date - 50% restoration of Points and loss of transaction fee
  • 29 or fewer days prior to the check-in date - 25% restoration of Points and loss of transaction fee

NOTE: As an RCI Subscribing Member if you have enrolled in the RCI Cancellation Protection you will not lose your Points if you cancel a reservation.

6. How far in advance can I make a reservation to my home resort? 

When booking at your home resort, you can make your reservation 11 to 12 months in advance of the check-in date.

7. What happens if I don't use all my Points in one year? 

If NO points have been used in your first year, they will automatically carry over to your next use year. You will incur a nominal fee from RCI. If you have used any portion of your first year points, they will automatically carry over to the next use year for no additional cost. 

8. What can I do if I need more Points?

RCI will allow you to "rent" additional points from them.  You can purchase up to 50% of the amount that you own for 0.025 Canadian/point. eg. If you have a 30,000 point package you can "rent" 15,000 extra points.

The other option is to call us at Elkhorn Vacations for Life at 1-866-355-4676. Ext 529. to find out about the special prices we have exclusively for our owners who wish to add more points to their membership.

9. How does the OWNER REFERRAL BONUS Program benefit me?

For any eligible couple you register and send to us who chooses to become an owner at Elkhorn you will receive your choice of:

  • $200 or 10,000 RCI Bonus Points for the 1st referral who purchases.
  • $400 or 20,000 RCI Bonus Points for the 2nd referral who purchases.
  • $600 or 30,000 RCI Bonus Points for the 3rd referral who purchases.
  • $800 or 40,000 RCI Bonus Points for the 4th referral who purchases.
  • $1,000 or 50,000 RCI Bonus Points for the 5th referral who purchases.

And these rewards are CUMULATIVE!! For example if you refer 5 friends who purchase with us you would receive your choice of either $3,000.00 or 150,000 RCI Bonus Points!!!

Email Karen Morissette at karen@elkhornresort.mb.ca to register your eligible friend.

10. What are the Owner Orientations about and when are they held?

Our knowledgeable staff will explain everything from how to register on the RCI website and how to navigate through all the exciting options at your fingertips, including how to make a reservation for that dream vacation, saving and borrowing Points, how to maximize your Points using last minute travel options and so much more. This is a great way to learn how to get the maximum benefit from your Elkhorn membership!

Call 1-888-462-8785 to schedule a one-on-one orientation. Login from the comfort of your own home for our online presentation.

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