Purchasing Points

Call us at 1-866-355-4676 or 1-888-462-8785 for more information on how you can benefit from being an owner with Elkhorn Vacations for Life. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Central Time.

Existing owners of Elkhorn Vacation programs have several options to acquire additional points to meet their changing travel goals. In the event a specific trip requires more points then you have in your account, it is possible to add additional points by pulling forward points from the coming years allotment or by purchasing additional points through RCI. These options are particularly attractive when the need for additional points occurs only occasionally. If this sounds like your situation, our Client Services personnel would be happy to explain more fully how this would work for you. They may be reached at 1-888-462-8785 Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

For those owners who are routinely borrowing or purchasing additional points, the best solution is usually to upgrade to a larger program. There are several ways to accomplish this. To explore upgrade options please contact Karen Morissette by email at karen@elkhornresort.mb.ca.

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What Our Owners Are Saying...

"...We have visited Whistler, Canmore, Collingwood, San Diego, Panorama, Las Vegas and accompanied my sister to Orlando. We even sent my daughter and her new husband to Hawaii for their honeymoon. We have lots of wonderful holiday memories and are already planning our next vacation..." -- David & Heather Jenkins Strathclair, Manitoba

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