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Elkhorn Vacations for Life (VFL) is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. It is wholly owned by Elkhorn Resorts of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The principals in the company are Gary Buckley, a major shareholder of Genesis Hospitality which owns 7 very successful hotels located in Ontario to Manitoba (Victoria Inn brand) and Ian Sarna, a certified Canadian Pro Golfer who owns and operates the Bell Acres Golf and Country Club in Winnipeg and the Clear Lake Golf Course in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba. Together they own resort properties in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Elkhorn Vacations for Life markets and sells RCI POINTS Membership packages, which provides Elkhorn Members with a lifetime of amazing vacation opportunities with the world’s largest member travel network of suppliers, and travel privileges to over 6,000 resorts in over 130 countries around the globe.

Elkhorn, established in 1965, as the Elkhorn Lodge, in Clear Lake, Manitoba has a long and proud history of attentive service and cherished memories to last a lifetime for the many thousands of guests it has played host to. We at Elkhorn Vacations fully appreciate the enormous benefits to our health, our family ties and our mental well being that vacations provide and pride ourselves on providing these benefits to our members, year after year. Just like a consistent good night’s sleep, a much needed, restful weekend break away from the daily routine of life, a week on a gorgeous and inviting tropical beach, skiing through a powder filled bowl, a journey through a treasure filled castle in faraway lands, or a leisurely stroll through shop lined streets, a vacation provides us with the release, relaxation and treasured memories we all need and deserve.

We are there to assist you every step of the way with our helpful, dedicated, and knowledgeable fulltime staff. We will gladly attend to all your needs to ensure you and your loved ones have the vacation of a lifetime, year after year, after year!

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What Our Owners Are Saying...

"...We have visited Whistler, Canmore, Collingwood, San Diego, Panorama, Las Vegas and accompanied my sister to Orlando. We even sent my daughter and her new husband to Hawaii for their honeymoon. We have lots of wonderful holiday memories and are already planning our next vacation..." -- David & Heather Jenkins Strathclair, Manitoba

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